Deanship of Scientific Research


Prof. Dr. Rida Abdullah Shibli

Dean of Scientific Research


Prof. Dr. Eman Al Nazly

Vice Dean of Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Ruba Al Bataania

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Prof. Dr. Qusi Shambour

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Shaboul

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Iskandarani

Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Oreqat

Business School

Prof. Dr. Ghaleb Oreqat

Faculty of Alied Medical Sciences

Prof. Dr. Wissam Omari

Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Mosleh Abualhaj

Faculty of Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Awni Al-Hammoury

Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Awad Shatnawi

Al-Balqa Applied University

Nagahm Anabousi

Council Secretary