Deanship of Scientific Research

The Deanship of Scientific Research was established at Al-Ahliyya Amman University in 2005. It shoulders the responsibility of overseeing the development of basic and applied research. In 2018/2019, the Deanship of Scientific Research has been separated from the Graduate Studies with the aim of focusing on the vision and mission of the Deanship to upgrade the level and quality of scientific research at AAU. Al-Ahliyya Amman University has announced 2018/2019 a year of scientific research in which it will work on upgrading and focusing on the level of the scientific research towards internationalization. Through scientific research and its activities, the Deanship seeks to raise the international ranking of the University through its focus on scientific research and unique research projects with well-known distinguished partnerships in the field of scientific research. It strongly believes in the importance of scientific research and its crucial role in serving the local community as well as national development plans. The Deanship offers various services and initiatives that aim at encouraging and motivating the AAU academic staff and students to conduct purposeful and distinguished research that is in parallel with the national priorities of scientific research in the Kingdom. Moreover, it guides the scholars’ efforts to publish in well-known journals for the sake of fulfilling the University’s goal, which is embodied by internationalization of research, and reaching an outstanding position in the field of scientific research. Furthermore, the Deanship has extended its cooperation and coordination with its faculties as well as regional, national and international parties in different fields. It is worth mentioning that AAU offers financial support as well as incentives for publications. It also offers financial support for distinguished scholars and provides the academic staff with financial support to attend conferences; what’s more, it provides matchless support to research projects. Al-Balqa Journal of Research and Studies is a highly reputed journal that was launched in 1990. It is a bi-annually, international, indexed, refereed journal which is indexed in Ebsco host and Ulrich. Currently, the Deanship seeks to add it to Scopus database.